Sunday, August 8, 2021

Meal Planning


 As the Olympics comes to a close, so does our week of International eating.. While we didn't watch a lot of the games this year, it was fun to represent various countries with our meal planning. From the UK with Bangers and mash with Yorkshire pudding, Morocco with Chicken Shawarma, and Kenya with a Beef Curry stew, we had an enjoyable few weeks "eating around the world".

Croque Madame on English Muffins and green salad with apples

Chicken Shawarma Plate with hummus, naan bread, feta rice and tomato/cucumber salad

Jamacian Beef Patty with salad

Kenyan Beef Curry with cornbread

Greek Gyros 

Beef Bulgogi bowls

Bangers and Mash with Peas and Yorkshire pudding

Mongolian beef with rice and steamed broccoli


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