Monday, March 5, 2018

Magic Stix (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Art supplies are always a big hit in our household, so when we had the chance to review the 24 pack of Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc., the same company who makes Kwix Stix paint sticks that our family already loves, we knew that another fun review was to be had.  We had already had the pleasure of trying the 12 pack Magic Stix right before the holidays, but the draw of even more bright, bold colors had us super excited for this review. 

Magic Stix are non-toxic markers that come in bright, bold colors and are available as either a 12 pack or 24 pack.  Both options come in a sturdy plastic carrying case which I absolutely love as it conveniently keeps all the markers in one place rather than in a flimsy paper box.

We received the 24 pack of the markers which contained a nice array of colors.  The markers themselves are a bit bigger around than other brands, making them a bit easier to hold. They have no odor when being used and provide a nice vivid, bold color.

But one of the biggest draws of these markers is that they can be left without their cap for 7 days without drying out.  I cannot tell you how many markers I have had to throw out over the years because someone forgot to put the cap back on them when they were finished being used.  While we did not repeat the process this time around, back in December we took the 7 Day Cap Off Challenge and the marker was writing just as well on Day 7 as it did on Day 1.  (Unfortunately, my paper did not, as one of the kids had spilled water on it). 

I did notice that each subsequent day, the writing appeared to be darker than the day before. I do not know if this is because the ink faded each night or if being exposed to air concentrates the color but you can see that Day 1 appears much lighter than Day 6 and 7). 

How We Used Them:

My kids were pretty upset with me this time around.  You see, we've reviewed Kwik Stixs a few times now and we've also reviewed Magic Stix back before the holidays.Each of these reviews, I handed the item over to the kids and allowed them to have fun with them.  Well, this time around, Mom declared that the brand spanking new 24 pack of Magic Stix was all for Mom and Mom had no intention of sharing.. Yeah, that worked, let me tell ya.. haha

Somehow, MY pack of Magic Stix was the "Go To" pack of markers for any and all school projects, even if the same exact colors were available in the 12 pack I allowed Ashleigh to have.. LOL  

But, I did get my own fair share of usage from MY pack of Magic Stix. For example, I used them to color in my various adult coloring page.  (Come back tomorrow to see this page completed). 

Alyssa also used them for her own coloring pages and has come out with some really great results. 

I personally really like the bright even colors that are produced with nice, even coverage, although, as shown in Alyssa's example, you can still produce a color gradient with them if desired. 

I have always been thoroughly impressed with the products we have received from The Pencil Grip, Inc. whether it be their paint sticks, markers or even the pencil grips themselves. 

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