Friday, March 30, 2018

The Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

The Pharaoh's tomb.  What kid doesn't listen to their lessons on ancient Egyptian history while looking at photographs in their book and wonder what it would be like to actually see the treasures found?  

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to do just that as the King Tut display arrived at the California Science Center earlier this month. We knew this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see as I really don't foresee us heading to Egypt anytime in our lifetime.   The collection on display has over 150 pieces that had been found in the tomb of Tut. 

Calcite vase on stand with cartouches of Tut and Ankhesenamun. 

Red wooden semicircular box and lid inlaid with ebony and ivory and engraved with Tut and Ankhesenamun's cartouches.

Wooden traveling chest with gilded knob and ebony and ivory inlays.

Close up of the gilded knob and engraving  on the wooden traveling box

Painted Calcite box with floral decoration on vaulted lid. Two bundles of human hair found inside believed to belong to Tut and Ankhesenamun

Inlaid wooden cartouche box.

Charles looking at the ebony and cedar chest on tall legs.

Charles, Alyssa, and Garrett looking at the painted wooden mastless boat with two-story cabin and two steering paddles.

Garrett, Alyssa, and Charles looking at the painted wooden model solar boat with throne and two steering paddles.

Gilded wooden bed. 

Gilded wooden shield with Tut wearing an Atef crown and slaying lions.

 Gilded wooden statue of Tut wearing the white crown.

Gilded wooden statuette of Tut riding a black varnished leopard. 

Solar Hawk Horace figure on Yoke for the horses.

Gilded wooden "ostrich hunt" fan.

Gilded wooden bow case with scenes of Tut hunting from a chariot.  Garrett looks completely mesmerized, doesn't he? 

Guilded wooden statuses of Herwer (Horus the Elder) and Jackal Headed figure of Duamutef on base.

Gilded wooden status of Ptah

Pendant of King Amenhotep III (Found with a lock of Queen Tiye's hair) 

Wooden Guardian statue of the Ka of the King wearing the Nemes Headcloth.

Gold inlaid canopic coffinette of Tut dedicated to Imseti and Isis.

 Calcite stopper for the northwest canopic jar, King's head.

Pectoral in the form of Naos with winged felspar scarab, Gold Ba bird pectoral with glass inlays and Gold inlaid hands holding crook and flail.

Top: Gold inlaid vulture pectoral with chain and counterpoise. 

Bottom: Gold Pectoral in the form of a solar falcon with spread wings inlaid with lapis, carnelian and glass. 

Bracelet with three scarabs in lapis and cartouches of King Tut.

Pecoral in the form of a gold boat and silver solar disk with counterpoise and chain.

The kids standing in front of one of the many recreations of the paintings on the tomb walls. 

The King's Wishing Cup (with a video of Tut projected in the background, I thought it looked cool)

The Wish Cup - "May your ka live millions of years; may your eyes see wonderful things." In the form of an open lotus and two buds.

Gilded wooden statue shrine with gilded wooden statue stand.

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