Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014 - A Photo Blog

Christmas is about family and our Christmas was all about our family.  First, each kid got to select 1 present to open early. Then we watched Christmas Eve Service from the luxury of our home in California since Celebration Church in Green Bay, WI broadcasts online :)  So we got to listen to wonderful Christmas music along with a retelling of the Christmas story from the Book of Luke 2.  Then last night, we hoped in the car and went out looking at Christmas lights all over the base then came home, made some hot chocolate for everyone while we sat together and watched "The Polar Express". We've tried in the past to make watching it together our Christmas Eve tradition but each year, the kids haven't paid much attention to it. This year, however, they sat and watched the entire thing.  We spent a good portion of the night tracking Santa on the NORAD (yes, my two younger kiddos do the whole Santa thingy). When Santa was in Kansas, the kids put out gingerbread cookies and milk, hung the "Santa Key" outside on the door and went to sleep. Mom and Dad spent the rest of the night (til almost 3am) getting everything just right for the big day. The kids woke up early, opened gifts, mom made "Christmas Crack" sticks for breakfast and then Dad grilled some wonderful burgers for dinner. The kids really enjoyed their gifts and got everything they wanted.. All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas!!

From My Family to Yours, I Hope You Had a Merry Christmas..

First Present - Gears Make him Happy

Stuffed Animals make her Happy.. Hair Brushes Do Not.. LOL
Christmas Eve Service with Mark Gungor.. No Childcare Necessary

Christmas Lights

More Christmas Lights

Our Own Christmas Lights

All Bundled Up For a Chilly Night

Ashleigh Poses With the Lights

Garrett - Christmas Eve 2014

Trying to get All of them Didn't Work Well

Big Hugs

Alyssa - Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

A Goodbye Letter from Jack the Elf

Tag on the "Santa" gift for the kids

Gifts under the tree

Our Snowman Family makes their yearly appearance

Cookies and milk drank.. Key replaced

A Final Look at the Tree

Christmas Morning Wake up

Ready to Open Presents

Uncle Miltons Fireworks show

Barbie Dolls

Whoa.. What could it be??

Purity Ring for Alyssa

Little Big Planet 3 - Just What He Asked For

Hello Kitty Mega Blocks

Stuffed Fox for Ashleigh

Little Big Planet - SUCCESS!!!

Bagpipe Chanter.. Just to Get Him Started

What did Santa Bring?
Nabi Tablet from Santa

Little Big Planet 3

Alyssa Puts Together Hello Kitty House for Ashleigh
Santa Daddy

Proof Santa was Really Here

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