Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Good Good Father

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My family and I listen almost exclusively Christian/Worship music.  It's been that way for almost a year now, it started off with my just listening to it while I was cooking or cleaning the kitchen and slowly morphed into a full time deal.  So we're very familiar with Christ Tomlin and his music and some of his songs, such as "How Great Is Our God",  "At The Cross (Love Ran Red), and "Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)" are on our typical playlist.  

If you are familiar with Tomlin's music, you might already be familiar with the song "Good Good Father"..   A powerful worship song with lyrics that reach down into your heart and make you grateful for the goodness that is God.   How could one make such an amazing song any better???

Simply put:   Chris Tomlin with Pat Barrett.

The new video of "Good Good Father" features just that: Tomlin and Barrett together.   The combination is amazing as the two harmonize well and compliment each other.   This collaboration is simply amazing and goes well beyond just Tomlin or Barrett.

We all have a picture of who we think God is. When we get down to the foundation of what we believe, the truth is that God is exactly who He says He is – a good, good Father. ~ Chris Tomlin

Listening to the emotion that both Tomlin and Barrett speak with in regards to this song, it becomes very apparent that this song means a lot to the both of them.  They have opened their hearts to fans by telling the story behind the song and how they both relate to it, in their own words, in a second video.

The song "Good Good Father" is an amazing addition to your worship collection,  The single can be purchased on iTunes here.

 Now, here's for the exciting news.  It's one thing to hear a song like "Good Good Father" on the radio.  It's a completely different experience to hear it live, surrounded by other thousands of people all feeling the Lord around them.  Chris Tomlin is offering that experience to one lucky person.  Follow the link below for your chance to enter a change to win. The Grand Prize is a Flyaway trip for 2 in July to the nearest Worship Night in America  (Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Miami and New York City), along with hotel accommodations and 2 meet and greet passes to meet with Chris Tomlin.    CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO ENTER

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