Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How Would I Spend 1 Million Dollars (52 Lists)

Week #35

List How You Would Spend a Million Dollar Inheritance or Lotto Winning

OOOH man, if only that could really happen so I could prove this would be my list ;)   I think we've all dreamed of having what I call "stupid money", so much money you can pretty much blow thousands of dollars on absolutely nothing and not feel one bit of regret over it.. 

This week, for the 52 Lists Blog hop, we were asked to list how we would spend a million dollars. 

52 lists with Chasing Slow

I would honestly love to say I would donate to this charity or that charity, that I would give to the church, ect.. And I probably would, but lets face it, that's not what you came here to hear, right??  So lets just assume that's part of the equation and instead we will focus on the FUN slurges that would happen afterwards.. 

  •  A home in Scotland.. Nothing extravagant, not a castle or such, but just a nice modest summer home in the Scottish Highlands that maybe we can even retire to later in life.  
  • A Camaro for my husband.. He's been trying to purchase one for 2 years now, I'm tired of hearing about it, so I would buy it.. Done Deal!! 
  • A college account for each kid (okay, I have to be somewhat responsible, right??)
  • Major Splurge here - Purchase a Time Share/Vacation Home through Disney's Vacation Homes.  We are MAJOR Disney World fans!!!  
  • A new wardrobe for each member of the family. Yesterday I wore a shirt that was 15 years old - it's time to upgrade.. lol
  • Purchase life insurance and burial plots, ect for not only for my family but for both mine and my husband's parents.  (yeah, kinda morbid but none of them have any coverage)
  • NEW furniture!!!  A bed for starters.. I might sleep on a sleep number mattress, but the boxsprings sit on the floor.. LOL 
  • A trip back home to Texas.. That way I can share all my favorite eats with my family as well as take them to a PNG Football Game!!!! Then we could head to San Antonio and New Braunfels, floating the river and walking the riverwalk. 
  • The rest would go into savings and become "fun" money.. Since we would still have income coming in every two weeks, this money could just grow interest and we could use to have fun anytime we want :) 


  1. LOL on the new wardrobe! I probably could use a much needed update myself. Great list :)

    1. Thanks so much.. and yeah, I tend to buy new clothes for the family and just wear what I have.



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