Friday, September 2, 2016

The Kingdom of Thrim Review

Recent years have seen the growth of Christian fiction, both for adults and children.  This is refreshing for parents, as purchasing a book from this genre often means that there won't be questionable content and will likely have a spiritual lesson to pass on to the reader.  Christian authors have opened up a whole new world of story books set in fictional worlds and settings, allowing children to still enjoy the "fairy tale" type story while still learning about faith and God's love.

Janis Cox joins the ranks of writing and illustrating just such a book with her release of The Kingdom of Thrim.  The Kingdom of Thrim tells the story of Yoj, a talented doll maker who resides in a colorful Kingdom filled with all the beauty God created and who feels joy in all that he does.  When a career decision is placed before him, he soon learns that money can't provide true happiness.  He encounters others who are equally as unhappy as he is and works to find a solution to help everyone embrace their God given gifts and find happiness in the end. 

There were various lessons for children to learn from this story such as how failure to make big decisions without first looking for direction from God can often lead to unhappiness. It also illustrates beautifully that God has a path for our lives and when we deviate from that path, we're often left with a void and a feeling of sadness.  I also felt that it shows that even when we do make the wrong decision, God can still use us to accomplish his work.

In addition to the wonderful story, the beautiful watercolor illustrations really help to bring the story to life.  My children really enjoyed looking at the paintings and they do a great job accompanying the story, from the bright colors of Thrim to the dark greyscale of the dreary Shadowland.

Garrett builds a colorful Thrim Building
Also included with the story are various activities for different age groups to accompany the story. From creating cloth dolls, making buildings from blogs, and art projects with watercolors (which I might add is a really neat project), the activities are engaging and allow for conversation with the kids about what we read and how the activities tie in to the story.

This is a wonderful story book to add to your collection and would easily become a family favorite.  And Mrs. Cox has been very generous and is giving one of my lucky readers the opportunity to win a copy of your own (open to residents of the US and Canada).  If you want to guarantee a copy for your library, be sure to visit her website at (digital copies available for $2.99 or purchase a signed physical copy for $13 Canadian) or from Amazon.  Also, when you visit her website and sign up for her newsletter, you can get two free books.

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