Saturday, December 31, 2016

One Word for 2017

2016 is just about in the history books and with the way things have been this year, I know many of us are more than ready to have it in the rear view mirror.  It's been a harsh year for most of us.  The elections put a major strain on our country and divided us unlike anything else in the past.  2016 also seemed like it could be deemed "The Year The Music/Movies Died" as we saw the passing of many entertainers who made a major impact in the entertainment world.

For our family in particular, we saw miracles three times over.. We nearly lost my nephew, my daughter's great grandmother and her grandmother, both whom are very important members to our family.. However, the Lord saw it fit to allow them more time on this earth with us.

With all the losses and with all the near losses we have seen this year, I decided that this year, my one word for 2017 is:

I chose the word "Life" because that's what I want to choose. I want to give up the unhealthy crutches that I have fallen upon and I want to instead choose to lift myself up and work towards a healthier me.

I want both my family and myself to eat better.  Although we eat healthy, especially compared to a very large population of the country, I think we can do better.

I want to get off the couch and do more..  More hiking, more playing outside, more adventures out in the world and away from facebook or the television.

I want to start exercising.  I spent the last month doing 28 days of planking and watching how my body overcame and accomplished something I did not think would be possible.  It made me realize that there is so much more I could accomplish fitness wise, all I have to do is try.

I want to explore and learn more about the world around us with the kids, allowing them to discover there's so much more to life than just what is contained within the 4 exterior walls of the house.

But most of all, I want to be here for them for a long time..  Knowing that many of my friends whom I went to school with have already  had bypass surgery, heartattacks and strokes, I want to take control of my life and dodge that bullet if at all possible.  I want to be around to see grandkids and great grandkids if at all possible.

I'm 40 years old and I will turn 41 in a matter of days -  maybe it's time I actually start living life instead of just existing..

Here's to 2017.. A new year and hopefully a new me!!
Homeschool Review Crew Reflecting on 2016


  1. Brenda--what lovely goals and desires for the new year! May they, and you, be blessed indeed!


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