Sunday, March 5, 2017

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 8

It's been a few weeks since I've posted about this challenge.  It hasn't been that I haven't been doing it. One week it was organize recipes - well, I do that already in the form of Pinterest, the week after that was the stove and microwave which I had already done, and last week was the dining room, which was done as well.  But, this week, I decided to jump back in.

This week, for the 8th week of the 34 Weeks of Clean challenge, we were asked to tackle the living room.  I don't know why it's so hard for us to keep the living room clean but it seems to accumulate a lot of clutter.. When my oldest comes home from school, she tosses her backpack in one place and kicks her shoes and socks off in another.  My husband's boots tend to find a spot on the carpet as well.  Then there's my dog's toys that seem to wind up everywhere.  Ashleigh brings out books to read and forgets to put them up afterwards.. Stuff like that.

It's not to say that the living room is a gross type of messy - it's not.. It's just cluttered.   For example, this picture from Christmas shows a bit of the accumulated clutter on the couch.   Also, note the grime on the couch itself..  That's all Ashleigh's doing.

So, today, we tackled deep cleaning the living room.   All piles were cleaned up and I managed to get Alyssa to put her up jackets and her book bag.  We vacuumed the floors, wiped down the windows along with the window sills, dusted and cleaned all the surfaces of our entertainment center as well as the glass.  All school books were put away and I went through and culled the curriculum we aren't currently using and boxed it up, labeled it and put it away for the time being.  

Finally, I tackled the couch, spraying it with LA Awesome, brushing it with a bristle brush and then using the hand held attachment to my carpet cleaner to lift up all the dirt and grime.

The overall outcome is a sparkling clean living room.   There's three bags by my windows that I'll find a better place for - 1 is for Ashleigh's AWANA stuff, one is Library books and the final is my bag I use when I go to the gym..  And look at that couch!!  Much Much Much Better :)

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