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Super Teacher Worksheets (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Ever have one of those situations where you know that you need something supplemental wise for your homeschool but you're not exactly sure where to find it.  Maybe your child is struggling with multiplication facts and you feel that a few extra activities might be just the trick to push over to understanding.  Or maybe you're doing a unit study on the life cycle of frogs and would like a quick handout that can easily be printed out that allows your student to diagram what they have learned.

Like most other homeschool families, I'm always looking for that extra fun activity that the kids can do alongside their normal curriculum.  I love worksheets, as they are already prepared and all I have to do is print them out and hand them to the kids. But what I really dislike is souring the internet in hopes to finding that perfect worksheet, only to find that it will cost me a few dollars for a single worksheet.  That's why I was happy to revisit my review for the yearly Individual Membership for Super Teacher Worksheets, a website that provides access to thousands of prepared worksheets and activities for a large array of subjects for elementary grade students.

Super Teacher Worksheets is an all in one website that allows unlimited downloads to more than 10,000 various worksheets, activities, and classroom games. Worksheets range from math, reading and writing, phonics and early literacy, science, social studies and more. A convenient search option located at the top of the home page allows for easy searching the catalog for specific topics.  Also included with the membership is a worksheet generator to produce your own word finds, math practice, spelling lists, flashcards, quizzes and more.

How We Used Super Teacher Worksheets

I had previously used Super Teacher Worksheets and was pretty familiar with the format of their website but I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the offerings they had added since I last visited the site.  The website is extremely user-friendly, with subjects and popular worksheets listed along the side for easy access.

For this review, I decided to print out some of the math and spelling worksheets.  My math curriculum didn't cover Fractions to the extent that I wished it had and so I was instantly drawn to the many worksheets they had that covered fractions.  There were plenty.  We were easily able to spend two weeks working our way through the worksheets offered on that topic, from basic fractions, simplifying fractions and improper fractions.  When we had finished, I honestly felt the kids had a much stronger understanding of fractions.  What was really great about the worksheets was the varying activities involved.  Some were just picking up a pencil and filling out the worksheet, a few required coloring, and some were even cut and glue style activities.  This variety kept the kids from getting bored with just filling out worksheets.
Just a few of the many fraction worksheets that Garrett worked on 
Another subject that I decided we wanted to work with was the Spelling Series. These series are listed by grades (1st through 5th).  I'll be honest and admit we have neglected spelling in our homeschool, so for this reason, I decided to start the kids with the 3rd Grade Spelling Series.  This series offers 30 week long studies that include 15 spelling words, along with review words and challenge words. Handouts for these series include word finds, fix the misspellings, unscramble the letters, crosswords and more, all designed to give the student various exposure to the weekly words.  Weekly spelling quizzes are also offered.  Each week focuses on a particular group of words, such as long and short vowel sounds, homophones, and contractions.

I REALLY liked these weekly spelling studies and the variety of activities offered with them. These lists have quickly become a daily addition to our homeschool, giving me the release of guilt from not previously focusing on spelling in the past. In addition to the 30-week lessons, there are also thematic spelling lists for holidays.

While I have not yet use the worksheet generator, it's on my soon to do list.  The kids and I have been studying human anatomy and physiology this year for our science (btw, Super Teacher Worksheets have worksheets on that) and I'm going to start generating my own multiple choice quizzes for the kids to take after they complete each unit.  I also have been thinking about using the worksheet generator to produce vocabulary sheets for them to get extra practice on identifying key terms we are learning.

I really like that each activity is well thought out and so far I have yet to find any grammatical errors on any of the sheets that we have printed out and used.  The worksheets are all very professional looking as well as being clear and concise as to what is to be expected in the activity. 

Overall, we have really enjoyed using various offerings at Super Teacher Worksheets and the fact that more activities are being added on a regular basis means there will always be something new to use with your kids, regardless of subject or grade level.  There are also many worksheets geared for various holidays and even a back to school section. It's been extremely easy for me to find something to fit into our daily work.

The individual membership is available at a price of $19.95/year which is very reasonable for what you're getting and considering many other sites to download worksheets 

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For more information about Super Teacher Worksheets, visit their website at https://www.superteacherworksheets.com/ .  They can also be found at the following social media platforms:

Super Teacher Worksheets

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