Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Picket Project ( Post 3)

Another week has come and gone and with today, it has made it three full weeks that we have been caring for Picket and I cannot get over how fast she has grown in those three weeks.  She's starting to look more and more like the jackrabbit that she is going to become and less like the furry ball that we found.

Picket's favorite times (besides being fed) is what we have dubbed "Bunny Play Time".  Basically, this is where we move all the covers off our bed, lay down a plastic shower curtain over the sheet and put a small blanket over the top of it.  This gives her a really nice area to run around and exercise in a safe environment and we can all watch her funny little antics. 

 That also allows her to come over and interact with us on her own terms, which she often does.  She's still a very affectionate lil gal who loves to cuddle and give kisses.

Picket is still doing well on goat's milk although she has had a full round of Bene-Bac and is also eating solid now.  Since the day we figured out she needed milk, we have been feeding her four times a day.  Starting this week, we have reduced that down to 3 feedings a day to help entice her to nibble more on the hay and vegetables being offered.  We are trying to avoid too many vegetables that she will not encounter in the wild however, and only given them as treats.  Would hate for her to develop a taste for something she won't get in the wild.

There has been some debate as to whether we should release her or keep her as a pet.  The more we research (as long with communicating with others who have pet hares), we are leaning towards release.  I think this is the right decision as she seems to remember she is suppose to be outside and paces the window looking out.

You can't help but love that lil face though :)

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