Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Training Day Picnic

In the Air Force, the first Monday of any given month is Training Day.  Typically, all personelle basically go and listen to training lectures about whatever,and sometimes the units do a moral activitiy like play a sport, go bowling or go to the movies together.  But a few time each year, the Booster Club for my husband's unit pulls some funds together to host a unit and if family is allowed, we accompany him to that.  This month, they had a barbecue so after his mandatory training classes, Charles swung by the house to pick us up and headed to Arnold park for a lunch of hot dogs and chips along with some play time for the kids. 

 The unit rented a bouncy castle for the kids to play in so we found us a nice shaded spot with a picnic table next to it so the kids could play and I could keep an eye on them.

There's also this grassy hill that the kids enjoy sitting and playing on.  It's not very often they can roll around on soft grass, so when they get the chance, they enjoy it.. LOL

And from their spot on the hill, they had the perfect view to watch the military men playing Cornhole.  I honeslty do not understand the fascination of this game, even after living in Michigan, but obviously many people enjoy playing it.

 Any time you have a big group of men together, you know they are going to show off their cars.  The company picnic is no exception.  The front row of parking seemed to be an impromptu car show for everyone to show off their cars.

 I still think my Yellow pops the most, although that Green one is a close 2nd ;)

There's also as small play area at the park where the kids could swing/

And I had to laugh because while we're always joking about Alyssa meeting some young Airman at one of these types of events, it turned out we were worried abotu the wrong kid, as Garrett managed to find him a little girlfriend for the day.  (She had asked him for his phone number but ahhhhh, no, that wasn't happening!!)

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