Monday, February 4, 2019

Weekend Meal Planning

Glad to have this week over and going into a new one.  Not that last week was necessarily bad - it wasn't. Monday was my birthday and so this weekend my husband took the family out to eat yummy Indian food at our favorite restaurant.  Then on Saturday we went out again, just myself and my husband along with another couple that we are good friends with, and they treated me to sushi at our favorite sushi join.  So it was a nice weekend.  But I hit the wall on Thursday and just felt horrible.  Completely drained, no energy, didn't want to do anything..   I hate weeks like that.

Also, add to the fact the lid to my Instant Pot had a little accident.  The kids didn't remove it from teh stove while making ramen and the heat melted the plastic. I ordered a new one that arrived on Friday and I was sooo excited because I hadn't had my IP all week - well, I ordered the wrong size.  The entire time I thought I had an 8qt pot, but no, I have a 6qt pot..  I called IP's customer service and they are suppose to contact me tomorrow about replacing it.  So, I'm not planning any IP meals this week.. I feel completely lost!!!  LOL

But, tomorrow is Monday and so we get a do over to have a better week, right?  And hopefully it will only take a few days to get the new lid for my IP.. Fingers crossed.

On another note - I totally got sick of answering the question "What's for Dinner" 20 times a day. My husband is REALLY bad about it - he will ask and then 5 minutes later he will ask again.. Then 30 minutes later, he will ask again.. And of course, each kid will ask at least one time per kid.  Sooo, I found this really great lil board at Hobby Lobby yesterday that was 50% off, so for 10 dollars, I just might keep my sanity..  Oor, they will be too lazy to walk over and look and will still ask me what's for dinner.. LOL

Sunday:  Grilled Sausage with bacon and jalapenos with Mac and Cheese

Monday : Lentil and Sweet Potato stew

Tuesday: Chicken Burrito Bowls with Quinoa, black beans, corn and avocado

Wednesday:  Breakfast Lasagna  with fruit cocktail and blood oranges

Thursday:  BBQ potato with salad, baked beans and chips

Friday:  Mississippi Pork Roast with mashed potatoes and salad

Saturday:  Air Fryer Burgers with ranch potato skins

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