Sunday, March 3, 2019

Weekend Meal Planning

Anyone here following the Iditarod?  The race started today and our entire family is getting involved.  We'll be working on a unit study about the race this week in school and we're following the mushers with GPS on the Iditarod website. 

Yesterday we all sat and watched the Ceremonial Start which gave everyone a glimpse at our teams. Each family member picked their own musher to follow - Charles is following Rookie Alison Lifka who is from North Carolina so he had to go with the home state girl.. Alyssa picked Mats Pettersson because he use to be a pro hockey goalie.. Ashleigh picked Shaynee Traska because she liked the harnesses the dogs were wearing..  Garrett picked Nicolas Petit, the front runner to win it, simply because he decided he wanted the number 20, without seeing any of the teams and so that's who's wearing 20.. I'm following rookie Ryan Santiago because I wanted to root for a rookie, he use to live in Texas and he's running a young team (his dogs are only 2 years old).. Don't we have great reasons for picking our teams?? LoL

We've been streaming the website to our TV so that we can watch the live video feeds on the TV while I run the GPS tracker on my computer.. This has worked really well, so that everyone is able to see the action.

Following our Teams on GPS

Unit Study for the Iditarod

Thankfully, I decided to plan a ton of super easy meals this week, as we're probably going to be glued to our tv.   LOL

Sunday - Pizza Stromboli with Chips

Monday -  Pancit Bihon with salad,  egg rolls and/or crab Rangoon (the husband doesn't like egg rolls)

Tuesday - Spanish Chicken And Rice with Salad

Wednesday - Instant Pot chicken curry over rice

Thursday - Chili Baked Potato

Friday -  Homemade Chicken Pot Pie with steamed broccoli and salad

Saturday - Homemade Crunch Wraps

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