Friday, October 4, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up

Our house was a sick house today.  Going from temperatures in triple digits to temps in the 70s during the day and high 30s at night almost overnight took a real toll on the kids .  However, both kids were real troopers and did manage to get some work done..  We worked on getting thru English, Math and History each day.  We decided Science and our Electives could wait til next week.

For our history lesson this week, we discussed the period of time known as The Starving Time and the factors that led to it..  The kids were grossed out at the idea of cannibalism, but admitted they would have probably done what was needed in order to survive if they lived at that time period.

We had a test to end the week with our Math lessons.  Ashleigh scored a 90 while Ashleigh scored a 75% (most of his issues was the vocabulary).

We ended our week with a movie.. The kids got to cuddle up on the couch and watch The Pilgrim's Progress to end the school week.

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