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Unbreakable Faith (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

As a Christian parent of three, I find myself constantly being asked questions regarding God that I personally find difficult to answer.  This is especially true in regards to questions asked my by adult daughter, who still has many questions that would fall under the category of apologetics.

This is why I was very happy to learn I would be reviewing a course that handles many of these types of questions. For this review, I was given 2 year access to The Unbreakable Faith Course from Pilgrim's Rock, LLC. This is an online apologetics course created by Craig Biehl. In addition to the course, I was also given physical copies of the textbooks required for the course - The Box and God The Reason: How Infinite Excellence Gives Unbreakable Faith, both written by Craig Biehl.

Text Books, Online Lectures and even a nice note from the company
The Unbreakable Faith course aims to expose the hypocrisy of those who declare that God does not exist and demonstrates the impossibility that life could exist without God creating it.  Students build a comprehensive understanding of who God is, using scripture to help really understand who God is and our relationship with him while simplifying theological and worldview truths for a better understanding.   The course is suitable for homeschool students (to earn credit) as well as individuals, families, church and college ministries (without credit).

The course is broken down into six parts.  The first 5 parts consist of video lessons as well as reading lessons from the provided textbooks while the 6th part consists of the Final Exam for the course.

Covered Topics for each Part: 

Part One: Introduction to Apologetics; The Implications of God Having No Beginning or Needs.

Part Two:  The Implications of God as Unable to Be Known Unless He Reveals Himself, Infinite, and Unchanging.

Part Three: The Implications of God as an Undivided Unity, Spirit, Perfect in Knowledge, and Perfectly Wise.

Part Four: The Implications of God as True and Truthful, Good and Love, Holy, and Righteous.

Part Five: The Implications of God as Infinitely Powerful and Sovereign; The Unbelieving and Believing Worldview.

A course syllabus is provided by Dr Biehl where it explains that the course itself is self paced. However, once the course is started, it must be completed within 36 weeks  or less. The course sections must be taken in order - course material will not be unlocked until the previous section is completed.  Dr Biehl also offers office hours that can be arranged by the student if they have questions or do not understand something in the assignment.

Upon logging into the website, the student is presented with the dashboard where they can see what they have completed and where they are in the lesson.  In the image below, under part 1, it says my progress is 12/12, meaning I have already completed the twelve objectives needed to complete that part of the course. I have completed 1 out of 4 objectives for Part 2, so I will go to that section and work on the next objective for that part.

Clicking on the Part that you are currently working on, you are taken to the page for that portion of the course.  This is where you will find the list of videos for that section, as well as the reading assignments needed to be completed before taking the quiz for that portion of the course. The books should be read as suggested by the schedule, as the reading assignment both corresponds as well as explains further and clarifies the material covered in the videos.

One all assignments have been completed for the section, the student must complete a quiz for that portion of the class.  You have only one attempt at taking the quiz and the quiz is timed.  I did find that the time was sufficient (I believe it was 25 minutes to answer 30 questions for Part 1) to have enough time to thoroughly read the questions and answers without feeling rushed.  Quizzes count for 75% of the grade of the course while the Final Exam counts for 25%.

You can keep track of your grade by looking at the grade report, which shows our grades on each exam as well as your your class average.  This report bases your grade based on how many points you have out of a total of 104, as it shows empty grades - those quizzes you haven't taken yet are also counted.
My Thoughts

I am extremely grateful for the fact this course is a self paced course and that I have 36 weeks to complete it, because there is a ton of information presented.  For a rushed mother of three who's involved with both the women's and church ministry, as well as other family and military functions, it's been very appreciative to be able to not feel overwhelmed by trying to meet a timeframe that doesn't work with my hectic life in order to complete this course.

What has worked for me is sitting in my bedroom before the rest of the household is awake and include a portion of the reading with my morning Bible Studies.  Depending on where I am with each of my studies, I will dedicated 15-20 minutes to each book.   With the completion of Part 1, I am now finished with The Box so I will have more time time to dedicate to the main text, God The Reason.

As mention, I have my highlighter handy.  I'm big on highlighting and note taking - I'm the type who has to bring my own paper to chapel service to take notes.  The books present plenty of material to ponder over and really think about.  Each chapter also includes notations with endnotes providing more understanding or a reference for information presented.

The course videos correspond with the information presented in the book, giving an audio/visual presentation of the material.  I found the videos very well done.  Each video begins and ends with a hymn and then the material, taught by Dr. Biehl, is presented.  Biehl uses various graphics and scriptures to explain the concepts being covered.  Videos are roughly 12-18 minutes in length in Part 1 (they may be longer in other portions of the course).  Unlike many other theologian speakers, Dr Biehl does not present the material is the typical monotonous way, making the videos easy to watch and listen to.

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with what I am learning in the course. I have no doubt that this course will prepare me to be able to answer those questions my children will ask that are apologetic in nature, as well as prepare me to present the Argument for Faith to those unbelievers I may encounter.

For more information about Pilgrim's Rock, LLC  and The Unbreakable Faith Course, be sure to visit their website.  You can also find them on the following social media sites:


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