Monday, February 24, 2020

Weekend Meal Planning

Well, it's not exactly the weekend meal planning, as I'm a day late and a dollar short lol   But here we are at the last week of Feb and I'm posting the weekly menu. 

This week, we have a ton of stuff going on, so we had to meal plan accordingly.  We're trying to add more fish into our diet, so you'll notice that we've got both Salmon and Flounder on the menu.

Tuesday is Fat Tuesday and while I am not personally Catholic and observe the religious holiday, a few of the women in my Bible Study group on Tuesdays are.  I'm bringing gumbo and King Cakes for our dinner before our study starts for a true taste of New Orleans.

Wednesday we will be heading to the community center to break bread with our Edwards community for the monthly Strong Family dinner. Not sure what is being served but the fellowship alone is more than enough :)

Friday we will be heading to town to do some errand running (hopefully picking up my brand new rowing machine) and grocery shopping.  Charles has been wanting to try this new place that just opened called Sassy Bird which features Nashville Hot style chicken sandwiches so I guess that's where we will be eating.

Saturday is our monthly Dungeons and Dragons meet up with my husbands work friends so I'll admit, its going to be a pizza and wings night!!  LOL

Our Last D&D Meet back in January
However, in March, you will notice a change in our menu as Charles and I work on eating a more clean diet.. More salads and fresh produce, more seafood, less ground beef and carbs such as rice and potatoes.   I'm going to also try to not have any soda during that time as well as drink more water.  Both of us want to see what sort of impact the changes make on our waistline, so it will be an interesting experiment.

So, what's on the menu???

Sunday - Blackened Salmon in a cajun sauce, dirty rice and salad.

Last night's dinner.. Was sooooooo Good!!!!
Monday - Mexican stuffed shells, corn on the cob and salad

Tuesday - Chicken and Sausage Gumbo over rice with King Cake

Wednesday - Strong Family Dinner

Thursday  -  Baked Flounder with salad and couscous

Friday - Dinner out (Tastee Bird for Tennessee Style Chicken Sandwiches) and grocery shopping

Saturday - Pizza and Wings

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