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HelpTeaching.com (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

For the last few weeks, members of the Crew have been reviewing the HelpTeaching Pro Subscription from HelpTeaching.com , an online-based platform for teachers that supplies printable tests, activities, lessons, and games for students of all academic levels Grades K-12.

What Is HelpTeaching.com and The HelpTeaching Pro Subscription?

HelpTeaching.com is an online based library offering access to thousands of pre-made worksheets, activities, and tests for K-12.  The website offers a free standard membership that allows users limited access to their TestMaker application.  The Test Maker allows users to create printable tests with up to 10 questions for their students.  However, the HelpTeaching Pro Subscription ($49/yr) not only gives members the ability to make much longer tests (up to 100 questions in length), it allows those tests to be administered online and can include images and diagrams, which the free membership does not.  It also allows members to search a database of pre-made questions and answers to include in their tests.

The Test Maker offers the options of multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false style questions, and open-ended questions as well as advanced math and science equations that can be used for testing material.   This variety of question styles allows for the user to create custom tests on any variety of subjects.  If questions on a particular subject does not exist in the question library, users can create and save their own questions to be used. 

Question options for Grammar Testing

In addition, Pro membership also gives members access to a library of premade premium content covering Engish Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. More than 3000 various worksheets are available for members to use for grades K-12.  Also available is a variety of self-paced video lessons for Middle School and High School Students on a wide variety of topics.

HelpTeaching.com offering a large variety of worksheets on various subjects

Worksheets are downloadable as a PDF file  and a key is also provided.  This makes it easy to download and print as needed.  These worksheets cover a large variety of subjects for grades K-12 as well as early education and AP level material, and are aligned with common core standards. 

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How We Used It

For this review,  I decided to really focus on the language arts worksheets that were offered in in the selections of pre-made worksheets.  Each week, I go in and I find three or four worksheets that cover things such as parts of speech (for example, we have done sheets over identifying adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions), cause and effect, and fact or fiction as well as worksheets over reading comprehension where the kids have to read a paragraph or piece of prose and answer questions related to what they read. 

A Few weeks of English Worksheets

I really appreciated the Reading Comprehension sheets.  This is something Garrett has to really work on, and these sheets allow me to get him to read a few paragraphs and then answer the questions.  If he cannot answer the question, I simply get him to skim the material to find the answer.

Sometimes we were able to find worksheets that fall into what we are currently studying with our lessons.  I picked this worksheet as well as a worksheet "Summertime Poetry" because they both focused on figurative language, something we were already talking about in our studies.

Another way we've used HelpTeaching.com is with their worksheet generator.  This is an option that allows you to print out either math drill worksheets or game cards.  The game cards are for doing games like Bingo as well as word searches. I really like this function, because it allows me two fun ways for Garrett to practice his Latin words - which helped improve his quiz and test scores for the course.

For the word find puzzles, I type in the words that I want them to find, and the website does the rest. I can even print out an answer key if needed (although I usually just print out the puzzle and work it myself as well).  You also have the option of if you want words to go backwards or not. 

With the bingo cards, I simply add the words I want to use and tell the generator how many cards I want printed.  I usually print out 5 cards, one for each day of the week and play a quick round with Garrett where I say the English translation and he finds the Latin words.

A few of our Bingo games

My overall impression is that HelpTeaching.com is a great resource for quick and easy access to a large library of worksheets and resources. Anything that can help make finding educational resources easier is a winner in my book.

For more information about the Pro Subscription from HelpTeaching.com, be sure to visit their website.  You can also find them on the following social media platforms:

With the large variety of options available from HelpTeaching.com, no two reviewers are going to use the exact same materials, so be sure to click the banner below to see how other families used the materials with their own families.


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