Monday, June 8, 2020

Mail Call

Today was a GREAT mail day at the house today.  My mailbox was packed full.   First, I got my monthly tea delivery.  If I'm sitting writing a review, you can bet I have a pot of tea brewed next to me lol   Of course, these aren't review items, but still a fun delivery for today :)

But I'm sure you're more interested in the other two items delivered today..  Both of these are for upcoming reviews this summer for the Crew.

The smaller of the two boxes contains the Arduino Education Student Kit from Pitsco Education .  This kit contains is a full course that teaches the basics of electrical programming, coding and electronics including current, voltage and digital logic as well as inventions that influences the history of technology.  The course itself is found online while this student kit contains things necessary to do the assignments for the course.  This is right up Garrett's alley and he can't wait to get started on it. 

Look for the Pitsco Education review around July 13th-14th.

Now on to the second Box :)

It's ALWAYS a great mail day when you open a package and see Andrew Pudewa smiling back at you..  It can only mean one thing - it's new review for  Institute for Excellence in Writing®.

We will be reviewing the brand new Structure and Style® for Students Year 1 Level B  for grades 6-8th.  (If you have a younger or older student - don't worry!  Members of the Crew had their choice of Level A (Grades 3-5), B and C (High School).   I will be using this program with both Ashleigh and Garrett, in conjunction with another IEW product we are already using (Fix It! Grammar) which is recommended to be used together.

You can expect to see the IEW review on my blog around August 18th-19th.

I think you'll agree when I say, today was a great mail day :)   I look forward to sharing my reviews on both of these great products with you soon.

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