Sunday, June 7, 2020

Weekend Meal Planning

It's Sunday, so that means it's time for another weekend meal planning.  However, after a bit of thought, I decided that I wanted to start doing things a bit differently.   I figured if you're anything like I am, I like seeing pictures of food, not just a list of foods.  So, rather than telling you what we're going to have, I'll change it up and start showing you what we did have..  I tend to take photographs of my meals to share on my facebook page for my friends and family and I'm constantly told by people how they enjoy those pictures and it inspires them to try new recipes, so maybe I could start trying that on here :)

I don't always photograph my food.  So, for example,yesterday we had friends over so we opted for hot pockets and chips to have quick meal with little clean up before they showed up.. I won't bother you with a picture of those. ;)  Also, we are still opting to buy a meal from the Club on base to help support and keep them open - and I totally forgot to take a photograph of the Gyro that I had then.  But, everything is is made from scratch, in my kitchen.

LOL  One thing I will say, I'm not Gordon Ramsey and I don't run a 5 star Michelin eatery,  so I appologize now for sloppy plates ;)

Sunday -   Grilled Flank Steak with Lemon-Herb Sauce with broccolini

Monday - Stone Fruit and Asparagus Salad with Mozzarella

Tuesday - Garlic Butter Capellini Pomodoro with Shrimp

Wednesday - Kale Pesto Pizza

Thursday - Steak Fajita bowls

Friday - Dinner from Club Muroc - Gyros with French Fries

Saturday -  Hot Pockets with Chips

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