Friday, October 21, 2016

Five Minute Friday - Park

Trying a new challenge this week - the Five Minute Friday.  Surely I can write for 5 minutes each week, right ;)     Jumping in, this weeks challenge was the word Park.   So I'm setting my timer for five minutes and here we go.

When I think of the word Park I think of all our family vacations that we have taken to the National parks here in California.. Yosemite and Sequoia come to mine immediately.  I can't help but think of camping with the kids, watching them getting downright filthy and not caring because they are having fun.  I think about the smiles on their faces while they roast marshmallows over an open campfire.

We love teh great outdoors but most of all, I love how being in the wilderness of the parks makes us unplug from all the electronics and distractions and allow us just to be a family. How instead of watchign TV we are instead out hiking and observing the beauty God has laid out before us and really appreciating his creations.

Granted, we love going to Disney World and places like that, but there's a very special quality to the family time we've spent in National Parks, something that can't be found in the land of the Mouse.  And the memories will be just as vivid in their mind.



  1. When my husband and I were in CA, this summer we really wanted to visit Yosemite and Sequoia. Didn't work our. I admit - I'm kind of jealous that those are places you have been more than once. I love it! There is something about nature that just can't be duplicated by any place else. - Lori
    Glad you join FMF this week! #74

  2. I have not been fortunate enough to be able to visit the parks in California. When younger, my husband and I used to visit parks on the East Coast, where we live. Perhaps one day!


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