Monday, October 24, 2016

Things We Do When We Are Sick (52 Lists)

I've been very fortunate that my family, for the most part, is pretty dang healthy.  Alyssa is 17, Garrett is 10 and Ashleigh is 8 and I an count on ten fingers how many times all three of them have been really sick. None of them have ever had to be hospitalized knock on wood!!!   Charles is the only one who has had to have any sort of surgery and recovery but it was for bunion, so I doubt tat counts.. LOL

But, there have been times that one or all of us are just feeling under the weather and I get to play nurse mommy..

52 lists with Chasing Slow

For week 42 of the 52 Lists blog challenge, we were asked to list what happens in our house hold when someone gets sick.

  • relaxing baths 
  • essential oils 
  • lots of liquids
  • homemade soups (type depends on what illness is going around)
  • lots of cuddles and kisses
  • piling up in the living room with pillows and blankets
  • watching fun movies to try to take our mind off being sick
  • lots and lots of mommy love 
  • constant hand washing

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  1. Frequent hand washing for sure and my boys always took lots of baths when they were younger. It was a great way to bring fevers down too!


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