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Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner (A Homeschool Crew Review)

One thing that most homeschool parents find most vital to their success in their classrooms is being able to plan and organize their school year.   However, many times we find ourselves sliding into the pitfall of purchasing what is advertised as a classroom or teachers planner and realizing that using these sorts of planners presents a set of problems.  It's a bit difficult to use a planner designed for a classroom of 30 kids in one grade level doing the same assignments when you're teaching three students doing different coursework. 

That's where a planner such as the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year , published by The Old Schoolhouse® and designed and written by Gena Suarez,  is exactly what a homeschooling family needs. 

The Hey, Mama!  Homeschool Planner  is a 188 page, spiral bound lay flat planner designed specifically for Homeschool families.   This year's edition features a beautiful watercolor painting on the cover that holds a wealth of forms, checklists, calendars, and devotionals with the homeschooling mama in between. 

There are many helpful pages in the planner.  For example, there are pages dedicated in help you  organize and prepare a transcript for your student.   There is a whole page dedicated to how to weigh courses for a transcript, who to determine final grades, what to include on the transcript, ect.

Once presented with the information on how to create the transcript, pages are given to organize and prepare the transcript.  There is also pages to keep track of skills learned.

Following those pages, there are pages of calendars for 2019 til 2021.  These calendars are presented in an easy "at a glance" format, making it easy to quickly plan for weekend field trips, special occasions, and any other important events.

As mentioned before, this planner offers a lay flat binding, allowing you to easily have the entire monthly calendar as well as the weekly scheduling portions spread in front of you for filling out.  I really appreciate that because I cannot stand when I'm filling something out and trying to work around a tight binding that curves over on itself.  These double paged calendar layouts being with July 2019 and continue to June of 2020.

While the double page layout for the monthly calendar is not unusual for any planner, one thing that the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner has that sets it above the rest is the monthly devotionals, written by Gena Suarez, written to help inspire, encourage and life up other homeschool moms.  These devotionals are written from the heart and you feel like God is working thru Gena to talk to your heart.  These devotionals have been included in the planner each year and it has taken so much out of me NOT to read any of the ones included in this edition so that I can read them each month and soak in the words. 

The largest section of the planner, the real meat of the planner so to speak, is the weekly planner.. Designed to help plan for up to 5 students at a time, this section allows you to jot down assignments, projects, and tests for each week. These pages allow for 7 different subjects for each student.  However, one thing I do love about this planner is that its very easily modified for your needs.  In this case, I can divide each box directly in half, allowing me to use the  5 "Child" boxes for days of the week (Mon - Friday) and having each subject divided for room for Ash and room for Garrett each day, while other classes they will share and I can use that entire box for those shared assignments.

Another feature I really enjoy is the curriculum planning pages.  These will come in handy both for planning the year ahead of time, knowing what curriculum you wish to use and where you will obtain it from.  The planner provides enough planning sheets for 5 students.  I've already made good use of these particular pages for both Ashleigh and Garrett, since they are both at different areas of their education and will be doing different curriculum this year.

Also in this same section, you will find sheets  to track attendance, goals for the year, goals for each semester, as well as a reading log for up to 5 students.

The Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner is a valuable tool that can be adapted to fit just about every homeschool situation.  However, with 98% of the published planners already sold and no plans for additional planners to be printed til next year, this is one of those items that you don't want to wait til the new school year to order. 

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