Sunday, June 9, 2019

Welcome Home

For the last 5 weeks, my husband has been gone for Leadership training in San Antonio, Texas.. Other than his training nearly 10 years ago, we haven't been separated overnight since we've been together so it's been really rough on the kids and myself.  And much in the same fashion as a deployment, it sure seemed everything that could go go, did go wrong here at home while he was gone.. lol 

But, on Thursday, he graduated NCOA. I got to watch it on a live feed while it happened and then the next day, I drove to Los Angeles to pick him up.

And I promptly took him straight to In N Out for a burger.. LOL

The next day, we went out with the kids for a nice dinner at a new (to us) Mexican cantina which was really good..

I can't describe how proud I am of Charles and he always excels and gives his all with everything he does, NCOA was no different.  And while being away from each other for these 5 weeks brought us closer, I hope he doesn't have to go TDY again anytime soon.. LOL

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