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A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Today I get to share with you a review for another product that I have REALLY wanted to get my hands on for some time, but never have the opportunity to purchase it in the past - the Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures from Home School in the Woods.

About the Product:

The Timeline Collection features over 1260 black and white line drawing figures spanning from the creation of the world through the World Trade Center terrorist attack and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  These figures are great for using in historical timelines.  If your new to using timelines with your lessons, here's a great blog post discussing timelines.

 For this review, we were given the downloadable file of the product to use.  This file was
downloaded as two ZIP files, one for the files that would be divided to two CDs if the physical product had been purchased.

Other than the downloading of the files, the product is installed on the users computer and does not require internet access.   The files are saves in folders and the user simply clicks on the Start file which opens in an offline web browser.   This opens the initial table of contents which gives quick access to the CD contents.

The two CDs each contain the same content but in a slightly different format.

CD1 contains the files that would be used for projects such as timelines, book of centuries, printing several figures on one sheet that can be trimmed and used.  To get started, the user selects the START file in their downloaded folder which brings them to the Table of Contents.

From the table of contents page, the user has access to more than 1,260 timeline figures.   They are organized by time period.  When a time period is selected, the user is taken to a break down of pages that offer two options  - wall sized timeline figures and notebook sized figures.  These can be selected to either be printed with text or without, depending on the users preference. The text option includes a short summary description of the event or person, while the option without text only lists the event/name and date.

These pages are in order of how they occurred in that time frame, however, there is also an index available for each time period that lists the figures that are included that shows what page that figure can be found on.

Selecting a page will bring the printable sheet that includes the figures.  Each page includes between 10-12 black line drawing figures.

CD2 contains the same material as CD1, but in a GIF format.  Where as CD1, the user prints pages with 10-12 figures on it, with CD2 users can select specific individual figures that can be enlarged or reduced and can be used for activities such as coloring pages, flashcard images, bingo games or any number of activities.     Again, the user has the option of selecting with or without text.

How We Used It:

We have found a few different uses for the figures over the course of the last few weeks.  The first thing we decided to use them for was to start keeping our timeline with our history curriculum.  We are currently working though Mystery of History and these figures coincide perfectly with the curriculum.   I simply print out the pages with the figures that coincide with the dates we are working on, we complete our lesson and the kids add the figures to their timeline.
Figures coincide perfectly with our lessons
For our purposes, we were using the notebook sized figures (we do not keep a wall/poster size timeline due to space but I am grateful for the option in the future). 

I really like that most of the line drawings used are the exact same drawing used in our lesson's text.  This helps the kids associate the drawing on their timeline more easily with their lesson.

While we haven't used the wall sized figures, I wanted to show the difference in the size between the two.  These figures are perfect for those who keep a timeline either on poster board or on their wall.

I've been really happy with the way our timelines are looking using these timeline figures and I can see us using these for many educational applications, from now until both kids are graduated (and maybe even past that). 

For more information about Home School in the Woods and the many product options they offer, be sure to visit their website.  You can also find them on the following social media platforms:


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Home School in the Woods was very generous and offered members of the Crew their choice of 13 different products.   In addition to the Timeline Collection, Crew was also offered their choice of seven Time Travelers U.S. History Studies  options and five Project Passport World History Studies options.  Be sure to click the banner below to read their reviews. 
World History (Project Passport), U.S. History Studies (Time Travelers) and Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  {Home School in the Woods Reviews}

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