Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sequoia National Forest Trip

This week, the family took a trip up north to Sequoia National Forest for a few days away from electronics and to do some hiking, exploring and nature studies.  It was really enjoyable to take the class out of the classoom and get some R&R and fresh air. 

We found these rocks at one of the scenic outlooks we stopped at.  We thought they were pretty neat, but from what we were reading, most hikers consider this a form of graffiti  and wish others would stop making them.  It reminded me of the rock cairns that some Native tribes make.

This beautiful doe came into our campsite to enjoy her dinner while we were enjoying ours. (These were taking with a 300mm zoom).

We were playing with the camera trying to take some great milky way shots.  We decided to have fun with it and I took a 25 second exposure while my husband was in the frame. At the start of the picture, I turned on our camp lantern for a very quick moment to illuminate him in the frame.

The kids standing inside a scarred portion of a Sequoia redwood tree.

If ever given the opportunity to touch a Sequoia redwood tree, be sure to take it.   It was nothing like I was expecting.  The wood is very soft, almost squish and very fibrous like a coconut.

General Grant's Tree seen from a distance

General Sherman's Tree seem up close

My Husband with General Sherman's Tree


  1. What a beautiful trip! Lovely family. You're a remarkable photographer, my friend! 😊

  2. Fantastic pictures. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much.. and thank you for stopping by.


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