Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Real "Throwback Thursday"

Forty years ago, a baby was born and the world has never been the same!!

Okay, okay.. I admit, my birth really very little impact on the world in these 40 years, but who knows what might result because I was part of this world. It might be well beyond my existence, that somewhere down the road, 50 to 100 years from now, one of my descendants will be one of the first to colonize Mars or will discover the cure for cancer.  Maybe one of my daughters will become President or my son will become a modern day Moses and will leave God's people back to the promised land.  There is no telling what someone who shares my blood will do in the future as a result of a baby girl being born on January 28th, 1976.

What I can tell you is that tonight, I will go to bed 39 years old and I will wake up the big 4-0.  I can tell you that there will be plenty of jokes on Facebook in regards to my being "Over the Hill" and black balloons.  But it just means that people care enough to acknowledge that I'm still here..

I can also tell you that I most likely will feel absolutely little difference between how I feel now and how I will feel tomorrow.. I will wake up, still tired because I didn't get near enough sleep, I will wake up and make a pot of coffee and I will do our school lessons as my kids have no clue it's my birthday.. lol

I always thought 40 was going to be this huge deal..  But in all honesty, it's not what I thought it would be.. I look in the mirror and notice the lack of wrinkles but instead the smooth skin that belies my true age.  (People wouldn't put me a day past 38  j/k).  Even when I forget to dye my hair, I do not have any grey hairs. I still have all the body parts I was born with. I still have all my teeth (with exception of my baby teeth). I do not take any prescription medications and while my blood pressure is a bit higher than I would like, it's lowered considerably since I stopped smoking and is only a few points away from being back to normal range.

I still like to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors.. I haven't been assigned to a rocking chair on the porch just yet although I have no doubt one day I will be that crotchety old woman yelling at kids to stay off my lawn.  I know I'm going to have a heck of a good time once I'm there, I'm not there yet.

So I'll take the 40 and hope that I feel as good if not better when I turn 50.  And how amazing will that be??  Half a century..  Maybe I'll celebrate it jumping out of an airplane (with a parachute of course) or zip lining down Freemont street in Las Vegas.  Maybe I'll climb half dome in Yosemite.   Or maybe I'll celebrate it just like I'm doing now, typing on a blog enjoying the quiet of the night after a long day with the kids.. Either way. I thank the Lord each day for giving me another day to enjoy and for knowing what he had planned for me long before I filled graced the Medical Center in San Diego, California with my presence.

Here's to another 40 years..


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