Friday, January 1, 2016

One Word for 2016

It hardly seems like it's been a full year since I sat down and write this very same type of post for the start of 2015.  Now, the confetti has been swept up, the champagne drank and the crystal ball dropped as revelers rang in 2016.  So to all of you, welcome to the New Year.  Now we all get to enjoy the 6 months of frustration as we have to write over or scratch out the 2015 on everything we date.

Like last year,  I have chosen a word to focus on for the year. A word that signifies something that I feel I need to pay close attention to, that I need to devote more time and effort into doing, or something that I feel I have neglected to make the necessary devotion towards.   Originally I was going to recycle the same word from last year - Prayer.  I'll be honest with you - I came no where near devoting enough time to speaking with the Lord this year - I was downright neglectful. Because of this, I felt this would be a good reason to once again focus on this same word.

But as I sat and began writing this with the word "Prayer" in mind, God pressed something else upon my heart.  I realized that I was neglecting not only having those one on one conversations with Jesus but with everyone else as well.  Yeah, sure, I talk to my husband and my kids, but I don't really communicate with them.  We say "How was your day" and give a brief 10 second answer of "It was fine, what's for dinner?"  We might show each other a Youtube video or a meme on Facebook, but we really never talk about the important stuff - the meat and potatoes, if you will.

We've become a typical 21st century family - everyone's nose is buried in their electronics, whether it's the television, tablet, phone or laptop.  We're so wrapped up in those electronics that even when we do speak to one another, nobody really listens to what the other is saying.  The sad truth is, my oldest daughter and my husband know more about what the kids are doing in school through this blog than from our nightly discussions.

My word for the year is :

I chose the word Communication because I feel it encompasses all of the interaction I need to work on.  I need to communicate more with my husband and children, with my family (and my husband's family) as well as with my friends.   I also need to communicate more with the Lord and remember to come to him in conversation daily.  It's no wonder I fail to communicate with the Lord in prayer when I barely know how to communicate efficiently with those who are right in front of me.  I have no doubts that by working on one, I will also improve the other.

So there you have it..  While there will be many other things that I plan on focusing on, Communication with those I love and whom love me will be my main focus.

Here's to a great 2016!!!


  1. Communication is so important. I find I don't communicate as well as I could most of the time. As "communication" takes on new forms (text, email, etc.) I think it is even more valuable to devote time to communicating well IRL.

  2. Great word, and a great challenge! Our family struggles with taking our attention off our electronics too, and I have also been feeling the need to really focus on prayer lately.

  3. Wow, a great powerful word and love you you plan to make it a point to interact. I was neglectful in my prayer time, too. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. That is a great word. I know our family has made great strides in this area. One thing we do is have a family facebook chat going 24/7 where anyone in the family can share with everyone else in the family. There we share news, links, ideas, ask for prayer, encourage one another. With my three oldest daughters all in there plus my husband, it gets kinda silly sometimes, but everyone seems to love it. Good luck with your communication changes this year!


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