Wednesday, January 27, 2016

M is for Memories

Memories,..We all have them, I'm about to turn 40 years old in a couple of days which means I have roughly 35 years of memories (give or take some years for what I remember of my childhood.. lol) that are all cataloged in my mind.   Some of them are good... Some of them are GREAT.. Some of them are sad and some of them are altogether unhappy and maybe best forgotten.  But, they are there.

Memories of my childhood.. Growing up in a dysfunctional home, a mother who is schizophrenic and an alcoholic to living with a father who's a pedophile and a step mother who saw me as competition rather than a child in need of help.    

Memories of when I met my first husband, when we got married and when we had our daughter.  The later years of our marriage was wrought with tears and bitterness, sad memories for sure but still something I would never wish to forget.

Memories of becoming a strong young woman determined to provide a better life for my daughter.

Memories of the friendship that evolved over many years between myself and Charlie, a friendship that changed to more years later..   Our beautiful wedding, the birth of our two children, his joining the military, moving to California.

Memories of our family of 5.. Playing games, going camping, going to Disney World and visiting family members..  Playing board games or making homemade pizzas or opening presents on Christmas morning.

Memories of those family members who have been lost.. The tears that were shed for my grandmother, for Charlie's grandfather, for my ex husband's grandfather, my uncle.    People who have touched our lives and will never be forgotten.

Life experiences make us who we are - those memories, good and bad, all contributed to the person I am today.  I wouldn't trade one experience, not a single one, regardless of the pain it caused..

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  1. I think memories, and how we deal with them, can have just as much effect as the actual events. No doubt they make us who we are!

  2. I agree. I know the memories I have, good and bad, have definitely shaped me into who I am today.



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