Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Showers Bring Free Goodies!!!

As you probably already know, I'm very privileged to be a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew which is a voluntary curriculum review team for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (TOS). The Old Schoolhouse is such a wonderful organization, offering so many different resources to homeschooling families, from their Curriculum website ( to their Annual print magazine.  I have been given such a wonderful opportunity to share a few of these resources with my readers- FOR FREE!!  Who doesn't like free???

With Spring having just begun, now is time everyone begins looking towards planting their gardents, doing all the spring cleaning and looking to the new school year.  I have selected three different e-books that I think will be very useful in helping you get a great start on those type of projects.  My only request is that you head over to both The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and  TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew's Facebook Page and give them a "Like" for being so generous and allowing me to offer these items to you.

To receive these digital download e-books free of charge, be sure to get the coupon code at the end of my posting.    Enter in this special code when you check out and you can receive any or all of the three items below - For Free.   There are no strings attached - no memberships you'll have to cancel, no email newsletter you have to sign up for.  You won't even have to provide a credit card.    This code is only good for the month of April - after that this deal will fly away.

As a health care professional, I really dislike using harsh chemicals in my house as I know how irritating they can be to the respiratory system.  I've recently started making the switch to making my own cleaners with vinegar, baking soda and essential oils and I have been very happy with the results.  

This wonderful planner has recipes for various cleaners to get everything from your windows to your tub and tile sparkling.  You'll also find monthly, weekly and daily checklists and planning pages to help you get your house in tip top shape so that you're always ready when company comes by expectantly.  

For the garden-lover or wannabe … You’ll be inspired by over 100 pages of articles on organizing your garden, saving seeds, growing herbs, keeping pests at bay, recipes for your own produce, and so much more! 

Springtime is the perfect time to get out and get dirty in the garden and this E-book is jammed back with hints and tips that will help you grow the perfect garden, from seed to the table.   From a basic 4x4 raised bed to learning about companion planting, making your own seed pots to growing in a small space, this jewel will help even a brown thumb. There's even tidbits about keeping chickens.  And once you have your Bountiful Harvest, there's even recipes to help you cook up all that wonderful produce. 

Maybe you are new to homeschooling and haven't started yet, but your trying to find out as much information as you can.  The Heart and Soul Homeschool Mamma E-book is like sitting in your favorite coffee house with a good friend who already homeschools and having the opportunity to ask questions about what it's really like to homeschool - not the technical stuff but the emotional aspects of it.  Or maybe your at wits end and you really need some encouragement.  Gina Suarez, a busy wife and mother of six as well as the publisher of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, knows how you're feeling and gives great advice on how to balance all of it while still maintaining your sanity.  From media options, helping to get your spouse on board, picking out curriculum, financial struggles and how to educate a difficult child, there is so much wisdom to be found among these pages.  

Now that you've seen what I have to offer, hopefully a few of these are something that you could really use.. If so, add them to your shopping cart and then use the code BPCREW16 .  It's that simple!!   But don't forget to visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine on Facebook and tell them a huge "Thank you".   And Feel Free to share these items and my code with those you think would also enjoy them. 

And Let me say - Thank YOU for being a loyal reader.  I hope you enjoy these freebies as I have enjoyed being able to share them with you.

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  1. Thank you. I had not seen the natural cleaning ebook yet so I am excited to take a look at it. - Lori



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