Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Kingdom Files (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Over the last few weeks, the kids and I have been enjoying reading about the story of Jonah as we read through the book Who Was Jonah?, one of two books from the Kingdom Files series published by Barbour Publishing that members of the Crew were given to review.  In addition to Who Was Jonah?  we were also given a copy of the book Who was Mary, Mother of Jesus? from the same series.

About the Kingdom File Series:

The Kingdom Files is an exciting Bible biography  series geared for readers age 8 to 12 years old. Currently consisting of 6 books, each explores a Biblical character in depth and helps students to focus on the lessons that they can learn from each of their stories.  Each book is divided into three separate sections - the Fact File which consists of a few pages that feature where the character lived or where the story took place, a time line that shows where in history the events fall, and other key information.  The Action File is broken up into chapters and tells the story of the character.  Throughout each chapter, readers will also find Clue Boxes that help focus the reader onto what they are reading and the lessons that can be learned. At the end of the book readers will find the Power File which contains short devotional lessons as well as memory verses that coincide with the story.

The Kingdom File Series is written by author Matt Koceich, an elementary school teacher and father.  You may remember last year when we reviewed Imagine: The Great Flood, another book of Mr Koceich and also offered by Barbour Publishing.

About Who Was Jonah?
ISBN: 978-1-68322-630-7 
Paperback Format $4.99

Who is Jonah? is an 87 page paperback book featuring 9 chapters that tell the story of Jonah in great detail.  At the end of the books is additional pages for the reader to take note if they choose.  Through the story, readers learn about the reluctant propet who didn't want to do as instructed by God and instead thought he could avoid his commands.

About Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?
ISBN: 978-1-68322-631-4
Paperback Format $4.99 

Who Is Mary, Mother of Jesus? is an 84 page paperback book that features a 6 chapter Action File followed by 10 Power File devotions and memory verses.  Readers will learn about a courageous teenager chosen by God to give birth to His Son and the sadness of a mother who later watched that Son sacrified for the world.

This book also contains a sneak preview of Who Was David?, another book available in the series.

Our Opinions:

These two particular books really work great together and I can see why they were paired together.  First, you have the story of Jonah, where we learn what happens when you say "no" to God.  However, the reader also learns the valuable lesson that even when you do turn tail and run from God, he's still there, even when you're at the bottom of the ocean or in the belly of a great fish.

On the other side of the coin, you have the story of Mary, Mother of Jesus who, in her obedience to God, said Yes without question.  Her devotion to the Lord bought such great favor upon herself that she became the mother to our Savior. I cannot wait til we finish reading this book and work through the power ups that go along with the story.

We really have enjoyed these books.  We spent a good portion of time on the story of Jonah and discussing the points made in the Clue Boxes as well as the 10 Power File devotions.  One can really dig deep with these books.

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Kingdom Files {Barbour Publishing Reviews}

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