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Reading Eggs Workbook (A Homeschool Review Crew)

For the last few weeks, Garrett has been using 200 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade, one of the newly released workbooks from Reading Eggs designed for students Kindergarten thru 5th Grade.  

Each page of these workbooks corresponds with the Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress online lessons.  The work books for Kindergarten and First Grade covers the lessons in the Reading Eggs program while the workbooks for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades cover those lessons found on the Reading Eggspress program. (Also offered are workbooks for grades K-2nd that work with the MathSeeds program).

200 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade is a 217 page, full-color workbook that not only provides practice for students to develop reading comprehension skills but also includes spelling practice and grammar lessons in 32 weekly lessons as well as 4 weeks of review.  A Day by day table of Contents located at the front of the book as well as a year planner for the full 36 weeks of instruction lay out the entire scope and sequence for the curriculum.

Calling itself Three Books in One, each weekly lesson is covered over the course of five days - Days 1 and 2 focus on reading comprehension skills, days 3 and 4 focus on spelling and expanding vocabulary skills while day 5 is designated for grammar.

Each day's lesson is one page in length and contains various activities to help skill building.  Day 1 reading comprehension activities include annotating short reading selections and answering multiple choice questions related to the text.   Day 2 includes similar activities but switches from a multiple choice answer to short answer responses.  Spelling activities each week have the student first focus on 20 words that fall into a similar rule or spelling pattern on Day 3 and then follow up with 10 "Challenge" words that also fall in suit with the first 20.  Finally, on Day 5, activities focus on grammar lessons such as parts of speech.

Review activities are also included in the book.  These reviews are included after every 9 weeks and serve as a way to gauge if the student has learned the previous skills before moving on.  These reviews are also 5 pages in length and include review activities for spelling, grammar and reading comprehension.

Answer keys to all activities can be found in the back of the book, eliminating the need to purchase any other materials.  The workbook can be used as a stand-along product.  However, Reading Eggs has aligned these workbooks to work in conjunction with the activities on  Lessons in the workbook directly coincide with the maps on the online program.

For most of the weeks, the reading exercises are taken from excerpts from stories found on the Reading Eggs website as part of the Eggs Eggspress program.  These selections are indicated on Day 2 at the top of the workbook page, inviting students to read the entire story.  Students can then log into their account, click on the library and finish the story.

How We Used It

Timing would have it that this review came at a good time for us to start the curriculum only a few weeks before the actual start of our school year.  This meant that I was able to easily incorporate this into Garrett's language arts classwork.  As Garrett was not only already familiar with Reading Eggs but also really likes doing Reading Eggs,  this also meant that I had very little issues with getting Garrett to do his work each morning.  I simply tell him it's time for English and he comes to sit on my bed where it's nice and quite and he can concentrate and he spends a good 15-20 minutes working on his page.

The 1 Page a day, 5-day format has worked really well for Garrett.  It allows him to know what to expect to do each day and he also knows that he won't be doing large amounts of reading and writing for extended periods of time. Each day takes him roughly 20 minutes a day, a bit more on days we log into the Reading Eggs website in order to read the digital book that accompanies the lesson.

The reading comprehension and spelling is on par to the level where Garrett currently works at.  The grammar portion is slightly below Garrett's level but would be perfectly on par for where a third grader would be working at.  This hasn't been a problem however, as the grammar section provides a great review for Garrett, making Fridays (Day 5) his "easy day"..

I've been highly impressed with this workbook and I know it has quickly become a favorite addition to our school day for Garrett.  I also re-newed our Reading Eggs Suite Membership (which gives us access to Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress as well as also MathSeeds) so that Garrett can both reinforce what he's learning with the corresponding Reading Map - for those who already use Reading Eggs, this Third Grade book beings with Map 61 and "Shugg's Pet Octopus".


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