Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bean Boozled

Saturday nights are our fun nights as a family. Sometimes we head to town to have a nice dinner and do some shopping, sometimes we watch a movie together, and sometimes we play a board game.  Tonight was a stay at home night and we decided to play Bean Boozled.

If your unfamiliar with this game then here's a quick explanation. You buy a pack of beans that are made from Jelly Belly Jelly Bean company.   In this pack, there are 10 sets of different flavored jelly beans that look exactly the same but taste very different. Of each set, one jelly bean is a pleasant flavor, such as chocolate pudding or coconut. The second bean is a not so nice flavor - Canned Dog Food and Baby wipes.  There is no way to tell the difference between the two other than popping one in your mouth and chewing it up.

The ten pairs of jelly beans

Using the spinner provided, you take your chance of which bean you'll get. Will it be Black Licorice or will it be Skunk Spray? Make sure you have a camera ready because the faces are absolutely pure entertainment.   (Make sure you are taking the pictures - it's the best way to make sure your unflattering reaction isn't caught on camera - like when I got the Barf flavored bean)

Out beans along with our spit out bowl. 

This was Alyssa getting a lawn clipping bean.. I think Alyssa ended up getting every lawn clipping bean in our box.

We have no idea what flavors Garrett got, as he proudly declared that each and every one of the was good, including the Dog Food one that we knew he got because we could smell it.. LOL

Dad getting a Skunk Spray bean.. His face says it all..  He ended up drinking all of my water trying to wash that flavor out of his mouth.

This was Ashleigh's reaction to getting a Baby Wipes bean. While I can't say how it tasted, I can tell you that it smelled exactly like baby wipes.. LOL

This was Alyssa getting a Dog Food bean..  This one had us laughing for a while.  (Garrett thinks the dog food one is yummy, go figure)

Dad gets a booger flavored bean. I can attest that this one is pretty nasty, although, there was a hint of jalapeno flavoring to it, which I wouldn't believe a booger would have.. but maybe, who knows.. Charles said he tasted jalapeno as well.

One recommendation that we would have for anyone who's interested in playing this game - DON'T eat the blue ones as part of the game.. Save those for when you have a really nasty bean because they are either blue berry or toothpaste and we all though that either of these were great for cleaning the pallet after eating a really nasty bean.. LOL

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