Monday, June 8, 2015

Countdown Chain

You'll have to excuse me showing my age with the "The Final Countdown" reference :)    If you're old enough to remember Europe, then I'm sorry to have this lil Earworm stuck in your head for the rest of the day ;)

Saturday we got a package in the mail. It was just a plain brown box but what was inside held something that has had the kids jumping for joy since.  It contained our Magic Bands for our upcoming trip to Disney World.  :)  We have spent the last few months (yes, months) logging into the Disney World website and selecting our colors (Which have changed on several occasions) and making sure our names were spelled correctly. We also debated if we wanted to put nicknames or not. Finally, we got email stating that the Magic Bands were on the way so when they finally arrived, the excitement levels were high.

The arrival of our Magic Bands also meant that our trip was within a few weeks away.

I know as the days get closer and closer, getting the kids to concentrate on school is going to be harder and harder, so we're going to try finding activities to incorporate Disney into our day.

Today, we decided to make a countdown chain.  

We have 15 days until we leave California and start driving East to Florida (Yes, we are driving!!) so I made strips out of both yellow and orange construction paper (to represent Sun and Oranges - both that are prominent in Florida). They all sat together with Alyssa to make the chain while Mom made the hanger for it.

 Ashleigh had the yellow strips and she had to write all the odd numbers from 1-15 on her strips.

Alyssa helped them assemble the chain but did not help them with the numbering as this was a math review for them :)

Garrett had the Orange strips and was required to write all the even numbers from 2-14 on his strips.

Finally, the entire chain was assembled and we attached it to the hanger that I made while they were making the chain.   We then hung it up so that they would be able to take a link off the chain every morning before school.

 The kids had a lot of fun making this chain and they didn't even realize I was basically giving them a math review in the process :)


  1. We are thinking about taking a trip up to Idaho next month. I'm glad I'm knit the only one trying to do a driving adventure with my kids Lol!! We are talking 3000 miles in a car!! This sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Well, stay tuned, as I'm going to try to blog while on the road.. at the very least, from Disney itself :)

    and I want to see your trip to Idaho :)


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