Monday, February 1, 2016

A Cat In Paris : A Magical Coloring Book

One of my newest obsessions is adult coloring books.  I find it relaxing to sit in a warm bed, especially on a Saturday morning with the sun coming through my windows, break out my box of colored pencils (or if your a Texan like me - you're map colors) and color away.   I have a small collection of coloring books and while I enjoy many different styles, I tend to like to color images with animals.   So when I saw "Cats In Paris: A Magical Coloring Book", being a cat lover, I knew I had to add it to my library.

"Cats In Paris: A Magical Coloring Book" is an 80 page book filled with beautiful illustrations from award winning Korean illustrator Won-Sun Jang.   Cat lovers will journey through the streets of Paris with their guide cat who introduces them to kitties favorite sites and locations, from back alleys, sunny gardens, and living rooms to famed Notre-Dame Cathedral.

I absolutely love all the pictures of the cute kitties, from adorable kittens to beautiful adults, that the artist has included.  I especially love the fact that markings on the cats are left to the readers imagination. This means one is not limited to only coloring a tabby with tabby markings or a Siamese with points - you can make any cat a tabby or a seal point Siamese if one wishes. 

The pages are extremely thick in this book, probably the thickest I've seen and they show color well. I used multiple mediums so far in this book, from water colors, map colors, pens, ink stamps and crayons with no problems and the pages did not buckle, pucker, tears or bleed throughs.  

The only minor complaint I have in regards to this book is that the lack of margins, especially in the center of the book.  Illustrations go from edge to edge making very hard to get color into the very edge of the illustration.  

Overall, this is a gorgeous book and I would highly recommend it to any cat lover who enjoys adult coloring books. I would also recommend it as a great gift for a cat lover in general, even if they don't like to color, as the pictures are very nice and would be appreciated by any cat lover. 

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