Monday, February 8, 2016

Verse of the Week

I'm a day late on getting this up and running this week, I do apologize.   However, I have not been slacking in my time with the Lord's word.   

Three weeks ago, my children and I switched to a Charlotte Mason style teaching method. It's been working really well for us and three weeks into it, we're still really enjoying it..   One thing we've added each week is a memory verse for this kids.. I'll start including the verse they are working on each week here as well..
For this week, they are memorizing Genesis 1:31.  Their verses are coming from the New International Reader's Version (NIRV)  as Garrett recently received the new Faith Builder's Bible from Zonderkids (review coming soon) and so we're using that version for their studies. 

For my own personal walk with the Lord, I've still been working through the book of Psalms but I'm also doing a very in depth study on the book of Luke, although other verses are also mentioned for comparison.   (I'm actually working through three different Bible Studies right now lol).    Last night a very particular verse stuck out to me.  It is one I've read on a number of occasions but somehow it never really hit on my radar until last night.    

Matthew 13: 55-56 (NLT Translation  from

I guess I never gave a whole lot of thought to a child/teenage Jesus and how his upbringing and family life was.  Granted, the Bible doesn't really provide a whole lot in regards to his early life to begin with but I never paid much attention to this particular verse as the focus of the scripture was Jesus in the temple.  

Times haven't changed much.  Here was Jesus, being judged based on income level/family size. We know that there's 5 boys and at least 2 girls in the family, in addition to Mary and Joseph.  And here are the people sneering and looking down their nose at Jesus, finding fault in his intelligence based almost solely on the face that Joseph was only a carpenter..    

I've been judged so many times because I was "just" one thing or another..  but I can't imagine being the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and being told I was "just" anything..

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  1. It is such joy when a verse reaches out and touches us like that. I have never thought a lot about that verse either but you're right: Jesus was not "just" anything. And neither are we. We are children of the King! - Lori



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