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What's In Kenny's Barkbox?? (June)

barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats

Kenny got his first official BarkBox today and I promised Ashleigh, who seems to think that she is the next Youtube sensation that she could do an unboxing video.. I figure I can call it part of a "communications" grade or something, right??  It was a lot of fun to make together but wow, I'm really going to have to up my video editing skills.

Either way, here's her big video debut..  I really should make a second video as the bloopers for this was even better than the video.. LOL  (I did leave some of them in though)  Enjoy!!!

Anyway, I know that some people enjoy seeing what is in these types of boxes without having to watch a 9 minute video just to see the stuff inside.

barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats
Camping Themed Paper
If your unfamiliar with Barkbox, it is a monthly subscription service for dogs.  Each month they send to your door a themed box filled with 2 toys, 2 treats and a chew.  Some months, like this month, you get an additional bonus item.    Subscription prices very from either $29 for a 1 month subscription, $24/mth for a 3 month subscription, $21/mth for a 6 month subscription and finally $19/mth for a 12 month subscription.

This months Barkbox theme was "THE GRRRREAT OUTDOORS" and featured items that related to camping out in the woods..  We really liked this theme since we do a lot of camping in the late summer/early fall and will be kicking off our camping season when we go to Yosemite Valley next month.  When you first open the box, you'll find it wrapped in paper that matches the theme.

First thing we pulled out of the box was the monthly card that comes with the box and talks about the box's theme..  I'm sure many people totally throw these to the side but i really enjoy all the doggy puns and off the wall humor.

For example, this Weiner Roast cartoon is way too adorable and goes perfectly with the camping theme.  Another section that has "Camping Tips for Dogs" states that if you see a bear, remember you don't have to run faster than the bear, you just have to run faster than your human.  Which mine you, Kenny definitely can do.. lol  

The card also informed me that in this box we had a bonus item...

barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treatsWe were soooo excited to find the NexGard Zip & Skip travel bowl as the bonus item in our box.

Since we are planning on doing a lot of camping, a portable dog bowl was on our shopping list and now I can mark that off.  

 While a promotional item for NexGard Flea & Tick control chews, I'm pretty sure this is probably the very same item that is the Nomad Travel Bowls from Dublin Dogs.  When unzipped each bowl can hold 1.1 liter or water or 1.4liters of food.  The info says they are leak-proof and stain resistant.  The fabric feels really durable and when the two bowls are collapsed, they zip together to make a very slim and lightweight carrying case.   On the outside is a very nice, sturdy looking carbine so that the entire thing can be hung off a backpack for more even more convenience.  As Nomad Travel Bowls cost roughly $25, I would say this was a really great item to get in our box.  
barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats
Kenny Approves

barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats
The 2nd item in our box this month was the Giggle Buddy Bear toy because you can't go camping in the woods without there being bears, right??   At least this bear is cute and cuddling and fun to play with though, as I really don't want Kenny playing with the real bears we have encountered on our camping trips..  

 The Giggle Buddy Bear is 12 inches long and has stretchy elastic legs and a Giggle Stick inside it's belly so that it laughs when you shake it.   And as Ashleigh points out in her video, it has the cutest face.   Kenny honestly didn't show as much attention in this toy as we were expecting him to as he loves playing tug of war but I'm thinking that he doesn't like the sound maker (he's shown he doesn't like squeaker toys much either.).. Ashleigh however, has found a new friend. 

The tag on our Bear says he is made by r2p pets and is made of polyester fibers.  Our bear requires spot cleaning only and is not safe for machine washing.  He was made in China.   Barkbox places the value on the Giggle Buddy Bear at $12. 

The first set of treats in our box is a Barkbox exclusive and is branded by  the "2 Traveling Dogs".  If
barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats your unfamiliar with 2 Traveling Dogs, their names are Brickle and Digby, and are the stars of a blog about, you guessed it, two traveling dogs.   The focus of the blog is about dog rescue as both dogs were at one point a shelter dog.  And they obviously have ventured out into dog nutrition. 

We received a 5oz bag of Granola Bites Trail Treats. Ingredients in each cluster treat are oatmeal, coconut, peanut butter,  flaxseed, blueberries, peanuts and eggs.  They are considered wheat and gluten free. 

The clusters are fairly decent in size and Kenny seemed to like these treats well enough but I'm not sure they would be first on my list of purchases in the future.   Barkbox places the value of these treats at $7. 

barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats

barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats
Our 2nd toy in our box was the Campsite Flashlight squeaky toy.  Another Bark & Co exclusive for this themed box, this plush toy (it is not a real flashlight) is 7 inches long and has a hard plastic body enclosed in a plush skin.  It does squeak but it takes A LOT of pressure to get it to squeak, which for us wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing as Kenny doesn't seem to like squeaky toys at all.  However, if he was a squeaky type of dog, this wouldn't do him much good as he just wouldn't have the jaw pressure to crush it enough to squeak.  However, for a bigger dog like Rotty or a Pitbull, this might be absolutely perfect as the plastic seems as if it would stand up to heavy chewing pretty well.  Barkbox places the value of this toy at $14. 

Our 2nd bag of treats seemed to be the paws down favorite for this
box.    These are S'mores dog treats from House of Pups (a division of Mountain Country Foods) and made in the USA.  

These treats are made with graham flour, honey, pork, Carob chips, pomegranates, blueberries and vanilla and they smell wonderful.  It took a while for me to convince Ashleigh that they were indeed DOG treats and not for human consumption, however, I will still be putting the treats in a safe place just in case. LOL 

Kenny absolutely loved these treats, to the point that he even stole the bag while we were making Ashleigh's unboxing video.

They don't look like much just looking at them and I found them to be a softer, crumbly style treat, almost like a pecan sandy cookie.  They do smell A LOT like Chocolate and vanilla but rest assured there is no chocolate in them and instead that's the carob chips.

Finally, in every Barkbox is a chew treat such as a pig ear, raw
barkbox, subscription box, dog subscription, dog treats
hide, or bully strips.  This box we got the Crunchy Duck Chew from Wonderfowl.   Kenny really likes flavored rawhide chews so I expected him to be pretty excited about this one but he showed no interest in it. I think that might be partially because he's too excited over the S'mores treats..  I'm sure it will be devoured sooner than later though.  This was a 7 inch duck flavored rawhide.

Not to be outdone, my husband's cat, Newton, came out to enjoy some treats too.. 

So that was this month's Barkbox.  I honestly think it's a great deal. I currently pay $21/mth for the box as I originally signed up for a 6 month subscription but since I am pretty pleased with the contents, I will probably sign up for the full year.  The awesome thing is that you do not have to pay for all 12 boxes up front and can continue to pay month to month regardless of your subscription. 

And if you use my referral code ( SKN17LAVPY ) you can get a free box with any subscription when you order a Barkbox for your own pooch.  


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