Monday, June 20, 2016

What's In My Ipsy Bag?

Wow!! Somehow, it's been over a year since the last time I blogged about our Ipsy bag subscriptions.  That's not to say that we haven't been receiving them (we have!!) only that I have been way too lazy or busy to blog about them.  I guess now's a great time to fix that ;)

You might be wondering what Ipsy is.  Well, it's a monthly makeup subscription service. Basically, for $10 each month (with free shipping) you get a small makeup bag with 5 or 6 products inside.  Two of the products are usually a full size item while the rest are sample sizes. This is great for me as I hate spending 10 bucks on a tube of lipstick only to find that the color looks terrible on me so this allows me to try and sample new colors and products without making a real commitment.

Currently, both Alyssa and I receive our own Ipsy Glam bags however, Alyssa is currently in Texas visiting family so I am not going to blog about her products since I want her bag to be a surprise when she gets home..   (Sorry Lyss!!)   But I had some really cool gems in my bag this month :)

This month, the theme for the bag was Rebel featuring very bright, bold cosmetics.

First, the makeup bag.

This is probably one of the cutest bags I have received in the year that I have been getting the Ipsy Glam Bags.  Not sure why I like this one so much, whether is the bold colors or the cute graffiti look but either way, I think it's adorable.   I do wish, however, that Ipsy would think about making the zippers on the top of the bags rather than on the side as it's harder to get makeup brushes in the bag as it is.  However, I am willing to bet this baby is going to get a lot of use this month (and maybe longer).
So, what was that cute bag stuffed with??

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Pout Potion in Famous

IPSY, Subscriptions, Makeup,  cosmetics

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Pout Potion in Famous.  Lipgloss should smell awesome (your lips are right under your nose after all). This one has the addictive scent of a piƱa colada enjoyed poolside with a full color shine perfect for day or night. Famous is a purply-pink shade with a bit of blue undertones.   A bit too bright of a color for me but I will probably end up giving this one to Alyssa to play with.  It's a cute color, just a bit too young and hip for a 40 year old momma.. lol 

IPSY, Subscriptions, Makeup,  cosmetics
Rodial  Stem Cell Cleansing Cream

It's a cleanser. It’s a mask. It’s a mega moisturizing powerhouse - infused with resilient stem cells from the Alpine Rose to strengthen your skin.
  • Dry spells? Meet the hydration triple threat: advanced stem cell technology, Rose Hip and Vitamin E.
  • Essential nutrients are on the menu. A potent blend of antioxidants, Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Wax and Coco Butter gives skin a lifted look.
  • Wash away the everyday. Makes your outside as radiant as your inside.

This one I'm looking forward to trying as I enjoy sampling different face cleaners and with the dry heat here in the desert, anything that hydrates is a plus.   I haven't tried it yet but it definitely smells pretty good . 

Peter Lamas Youth Revival 5 Oil Hair Treatment Mask
IPSY, Subscriptions, Makeup,  cosmetics

Strength, body and shine. This blend of 5 exotic oils works mega magic in just 3 minutes. Faster than making a latte. Gives you even more bounce.
  • Includes five luxurious oils: Abyssinian, Baobab, Mongongo, Broccoli Seed, and Kukui Nut
  • A fortifying vitamin blend combined with Peptides ups the healthy factor
  • Leaves your hair feeling cashmere soft and looking frizz-free
  •  Peter Lamas products are 100% vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free and petrochemical-free. 
I just recently started using oil hair masks after being extremely hesitant as I have somewhat oily hair.  I'll try this one but I have a feeling it won't replace my Novex Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Mask.  

IPSY, Subscriptions, Makeup,  cosmetics

ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Gel Eyeliner in Get Paid

Los Angeles always knows what’s trending first. And it makes sense that an LA based-and-bred brand like ColourPop is perfectly positioned to bring you the latest-and-greatest trends in shades, textures, and formulas just as they hit the street and your Instagram feed. And the best thing about them? They believe this level of fabulosity should be affordable. So all of their colors turn up the fun without breaking the bank. They also take pride in being 100% fur baby friendly and bunny approved. They only test their products on human beauty adventurers. We’ll volunteer for that job anytime. 
  • Keeps it real smooth. Glides on with the lightest touch.
  • Blends easily for a smokey look
Get Paid is a metallic Rose Gold color which is a big difference to the old reliable black I like to use but I am looking forward to experimenting with this eyeliner and seeing how it looks with a nice metallic smoking eye on date night.  

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge 

The final product in my bag was Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge.  Enter Urban Decay—the original beauty rebel. They brought their play game, seriously coloring the waters with an insane range of bright, bold and totally unexpected shades. Think electric purples, stormy charcoals, neon teal. All inspired by the grit and glamour of the city.  This multifaceted shadow switches up its look in different lighting. Duo the intrigue. Duo the fun.
  • Feels like velvet. Glides on softly. Looks like wow.
  • Lasts all day (and all night). Won’t get caught up in your creases. 
I REALLY like Urban Decay's products and I love the look of this eyeshadow. I love metallics like bronze and copper in eye shadows, and Lounge is  a decadent reddish-brown topped with teal-green shimmer and would probably pair nicely with a copper color.   I just might have to try this one with the Get Paid Eyeliner :) 

IPSY, Subscriptions, Makeup,  cosmetics

Ispy bags are always a lot of fun. You can get your own by visiting the Ipsy website and signing up :) 

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