Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Review: Refining Fire

I've enjoyed Tracie Peterson's books in the past and I really wanted to like this one especially since the synopsis on the back of the book sounded very interesting. Unfortunately, the back of this book is extremely misleading as the two main characters turn out to be secondary characters who's stories really are not developed very well. All the mystery surrounding both characters pasts are resolved and solved in 1 quick conversation in the middle of the book. Most of this book is dedicated instead to Abrianna and Wade's feelings for each other, Abrianna's charity works, Abrianna's courtship with the protagonist of the story, Abrianna's family crisis, Abrianna's devotion to God, Abrianna's .. well, you get the point.

What makes this even worse is while Militine is a truly interesting character with a past that really could have been felt out and made into a very worthwhile story, Abrianna is a smug, self righteous brat who seems to think her devotion to God makes her so much better than everyone else. She's very critical of everyone and far from a likable character. As most of the spiritual aspects of this book come from the thoughts or conversations from Abrianna, it almost feels as if the message is being beaten over the readers head and instead of being an uplifting message, it feels forced and snarky. 

This book would have been so much better had Mrs Peterson had concentrated on Militine and Thane, developed their stories much more in depth and let Abrianna and Wade's story develop more in the background, since her third book seems as if it will be dedicated to them. 

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