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Koru Naturals #2 (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

Earlier this year, you may remember that I had the opportunity to review a couple of products from a company called Koru Naturals. (The previous review can be found here.)  During that time, I got to pamper myself with their Emu Oil and their Manuka Oil  and Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. These review items were extremely popular in our household with not only myself but with my teenage daughter and my husband as well; so popular that we've placed a few orders to keep ourselves stocked up. Well, Koru Naturals is back and this time we were given the opportunity to review three more items: NZ Fusion Botanicals Skin Clear Creme Manuka Honey Propolis Soap and the High Strength Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream

About the Products:

Each of these products have very special properties to them.

The Manuka Honey and Propolis soap makes use of the moisturizing and skin protective properties of both honey and propolis (the resinous susbstance collected by honeybees from tree buds that are used by them to fill crevices and to seal honeycombs).  This soap claims to be a very gentle cleansing soap for the skin. We received a 4.93oz bar packaged in plastic wrap and a cardboard box.  There were no warnings on the packaging or on the website.

The Skin Clear Creme also makes use of raw, unpasturized Manuka
honey, East Cape Manuka oil, Kawakawa, Harakeke, Burdock Root, Thyme, and Canadian Aspen Bark to create a thick cream that claims to be beneficial to acne prone skin.  It also contains many essential oils as well as Organic Shea Butter. This product came in a 4oz plastic jar with a warning to not use on children under 12 years of age or during pregnancy. While not on the jar, the website states that this product should not be used by those allergic to honey, manuka oil or tea tree oil.

Finally, the Emu Oil and Blue Tansy oil combines Emu Oil, Blue Tansy, Arnica Extract, MSM and Aloe Vera. It also contains many other essential oil such as peppermint, black pepper, German and Roman Chamomile to create a deep penetrating topical run for minor muscle pains. This product  came in a 4oz plastic jar and contained a warning to keep out of reach of children and pets.  There are no warnings on the website in regards to this item, however, I feel it this is probably a slight on the website design as many of the ingredients should not be used by children under 12 years of age or by pregnant woman, much like the Clear Skin Creme.

Using the Products:

To say it was like Christmas when the package arrived is an understatement.  My husband, who was nice enough to pick up the mail for me before heading off to work, stuck around long enough to see what everything was.  We all ripped into the package like a kid in the candy story, excited to see and smell everything that had arrived.  Everything smelled so wonderful!!!  Before rushing out the door, he informed me that he had first dibs on the soap as he wanted to use it when he got home from work.

Because each item has a specific use, we decided that all of us would enjoy the use of the honey and propolis soap.  Because of the ingredients in both the Skin Clear Creme and the Emu oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream, none of the children in the house were allowed to use them.  We decided that for the purpose of this review, the Skin Clear Creme would be used by my husband who has battled with acne on his back for many years.It was decided that I would personally use the Emu and Blue Tansy oil cream for pain I have associated with my neck.

As it turned out, both my husband and I ended up using the Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream.  My husband is somewhat educated about essential oils and their usages since I use them frequently for various ailments so when he complained about a sore back after a hard day at work or sore legs after his latest PT test, he didn't blink and eye when I grabbed the cream.  Afterwards, he admitted he noticed a marked difference in the soreness he had experienced earlier in the day.  This was after I actually asked him - the fact that he hadn't complained about the soreness at all after I applied the cream told me it worked well for him.  The next time he had a sore back, he asked me to rub some of the cream on him so it was apparent he felt it worked..

As for my own experiences with the cream, I found it worked amazingly. I am prone to daily muscle cramping in my neck. Typically, I treat this pain with a combination of OTC medications and heat therapy and typically go through an entire bottle of pain killers fairly quickly.  For the first few days of using this product, I was using it probably twice a day on my neck. It spreads well and soaks into the skin quickly without leaving the skin feeling oily.  While it doesn't create a hot/cold sensation like many OTC muscle rubs, I would feel a marked decrease in the muscle pain I had felt and my neck muscles were no longer knotted up.   I also noticed after a few days, I wasn't reaching for it nearly as much as I wasn't needing it nearly as much.  After about a week, I realized that I was only reaching for it every other day.  This is a very big improvement for me as I am usually popping pain killers and heating up my neck wrap every day before this.  I've instead just reached for this cream, rub a small amount onto my neck and in about 20 minutes, the pain has diminished to such a degree I don't even notice it.  This is a product where a little goes a long way and even after multiple uses, I used very little of the product so this one jar will likely last a very long time.  The cream is very thick, blue tinged and has a very faint smell that reminds me of pickles (but not unpleasantly so).

As for the Skin Clear Creme, we did notice a slight improvement in the condition of my husband's
back but we're not sure if this is from the creme or just a natural process.  We did notice a significant difference in the angry redness on his back, just not much in the way of actual decrease of eruptions.  However, the creme makes for a very nice lightweight moisturizing face cream.  It has a very subtle but clean sent although I can't really put my finger on what it smells like, is lightweight like a lotion and is light beige in color.  Since I began using the Emu Oil offered by Koru Naturals months ago, I haven't had any issues with breakouts on my face so I cannot say how the product would have worked on blemishes on the face but I can say that it does make your skin feel extremely soft and silky after using it. This is another product where a little goes a long way and this jar will likely last a long time even with daily use.  We will continue using the product on my husbands back in hopes that over time, his back will continue to clear up. 

Lots of soapy goodness

The Manuka Honey and Propolis soap proved to be a huge hit with everyone in my house.  Everyone loved it.  It lathers up surprising well and leaves your skin feeling extremely soft.  Both of the lil kids beg to use the soap every time they take a bath and I had to retrieve it multiple times from my teenagers bathroom.  It is gentle enough to be used as a face cleaner and removes makeup well. It also works really well for shaving.

It also moisturizes really well and leaves the skin with a very sweet honey aroma.  Again, this product is long lasting and even with a family of five using it almost constantly, it's still almost the same size as when we received it.  Even my husband, who normally likes a more "manly" smelling  soap has been using this soap. Our bottles of body wash have all been put under the cabinet and I have a feeling they will only come out again if we run out of this wonderful soap before we can order a replacement later down the road.

Final Thoughts

To say that my family has fallen in love with Koru Naturals would be an understatement.  When I asked my husband and my teenage daughter if they had anything they would like to add to my review in regards to Koru Naturals, both said the same thing - "They're Awesome!!".  Beyond just the reviews, I've placed my own orders for products from them and I have found that their customer service is first rate, very helpful and that each product has been top quality.   I can already see that each of these three products will be in future orders, especially the Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Cream as it's worked wonders on my neck.    I've personally recommended products from Koru Naturals to friends and family in the past and will continue to do so in the future, they are just that good.

To learn more about products offered by Koru Naturals, be sure to visit their website as well as their Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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Koru Naturals Review

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